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Is there a "prevent deletion" or "undo" option I'm overlooking?

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  • Is there a "prevent deletion" or "undo" option I'm overlooking?

    It may be staring me right in the face, but am I missing an option that allows you to make an event group, event, etc... read-only and prevent deletion? Or is there an undo button to rollback the last few changes you made?

    I realized my backup routine hadn't been running a for two weeks, then upon investigation found I must have wrongly deleted the entire event group it was contained within. Thankfully, I think, it was all by itself in the group. I know there's a confirmation after clicking delete, but stupid human tricks do exist and it would appear I performed one. Besides deletions it is very easy to accidentally make a change in an event and not realize it. I'd love a Control+Z type feature to undo the last few changes made, or be forced to click a save icon and have it list the changes made before they are committed to the database.

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    Nothing I am aware of, but you might be able to restore previous from the database backups HS does. Look for the .hsd files, there should be 10 roughly and the time stamps. To restore, hangs the name to the primary one used (I think just remove the number, not near a computer to confirm). Keep your original too... just in case.


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      In the future I may go that route if I make a much larger boo-boo, but for this situation it was easier to recreate the group/event and move forward. It just kind of impressed upon me how fragile the UI can be to allowing a big mistake to happen and force a more complex restoration.