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    Several searches came up with links for scripting speech commands, nothing for embedding speech commands in events.

    MS voices Zira and Mike both speak too soon clipping off part of the first word. Are there any commands to control or manipulate the playback of MS TTS ? Ideally I'd like to add a pause before speaking, or slow down the first few words, without slowing all TTS. A string of comas inside of a phrase does work, but when used at the beginning of the phrase it appears to be ignored.

    <voice required="name = Microsoft Zira Desktop"> Alarm System Arming in 30 seconds

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    An easy solution is to use a speech proxy plug-in. I use BLSpeech and am very pleased with the results. You can also utilize the MS Speech API controls inserted in the text to speak (search for SAPI 5.3).
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      You may want to try this:
      <voice required="name = Microsoft Zira Desktop"><silence msec='500'/> Alarm System Arming in 30 seconds <silence msec='500'/>
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        That's what I was looking for. Thanks guys.