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Night & Day - how to vary based on actual light levels

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  • Night & Day - how to vary based on actual light levels

    Is there a way to set Day & Night based on outdoor light levels?

    I cant use Sunrise/Sunset because the actual light levels dont correspond.

    In Vera there was a plugin...Heliotrope: a plugin that tracks the sun was pretty cool for this.

    I thought about using the multi-sensor LUX levels but I'm not sure they are that accurate. I have a Fibaro & Monoprice (Vision) and they also provide light levels in different ways (LUX # vs Luminance %)

    How do you guys do it?


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    I've struggled a bit with this as well but I don't see where the heliotrope plugin would be at all useful. The azimuth of the sun can be calculated based on longitude, latitude and time which is what i assume Homeseer does with its time before and after sunset. However it's been my experience that weather conditions and location in the house are much bigger factors. Imho light level sensors are the only reliable means of determining when lights should come on or not.
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      I use an Insteon motion sensor that also has a light sensor. Works great for me. Some days, when the sky is really dark like through a storm, the house can get really dark to a point needing to switch on some lights.

      I've automated all of this by switching on some lights if the MS sent a night message without a subsequent day message in the last 5 minutes; this avoids flipping lights on during brief moments of darkness. If the MS sends a day message, I turn the lights off.