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Move Nodes/Devices from Z-Net to Smartstick+

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  • Move Nodes/Devices from Z-Net to Smartstick+

    I am running HS3 on Windows and have 2 controllers:

    1) Z-Net on wifi
    2) Smartstick+ connected directly to the HS3 Windows server.

    I have devices/nodes attached to both controllers. The Z-Net on wifi and seems bit flaky when my Windows server is rebooted (sometimes necessary to reboot the Z-Net). I'm not sure I really even need the Z-Net so I would like to move all my devices over to my Smartstick+ and turn off the Z-Net keeping all my programmed events. Is this possible? I have tried sending the network from Z-Net and receiving it on the Smartstick+ network, but it times out after 2 mins. I have just tried starting the send/receive commands in various sequences but it still times out. I don't think I could be the first to ever ask this but I cannot find instructions on the steps to do this.

    Also, I have read some mention of primary/secondary controllers. I don't really understand this or why you would have this. It doesn't sound like the secondary acts as a backup for primary if it dies but documentation seems limited or I can't find it. I think both controllers in my system might be primary, but I don's see that word used. I see both set as MAIN controllers for their corresponding networks. I might be interested in keeping my Z-Net running as secondary if someone could explain how and why I would want to do this.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.