I just bought two of the GoControl WA00Z-1 wireless switches. Getting it added and configured in HS3 with a Z-Troller has been a nightmare.

I don't know if it's constantly going to sleep or not but when I try to add Group 2 Associations to two smart bulbs. It either can't retrieve the association information or gives me errors like this:

Jun-03 7:29:39 PM Warning Plugin Z-Wave is not responding but it is still running, not restarting yet.
Jun-03 7:29:38 PM Error Calling HSEvent in plugin Z-Wave, Instance :Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Jun-03 7:29:38 PM Error Calling ConfigDevice in plugin Z-Wave:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.1

I'm pressing a button on the switch before doing anything to make sure it's awake before trying anything. I replaced the original batteries which were under 50% when I activated the switch. The new batteries are down to about 60% from all my attempts to get this working.

How do I get this configured?