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Exclamation warning on simple Group conditions/actions

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  • Exclamation warning on simple Group conditions/actions

    I am trying to set up a simple script for my new GoControl irrigation controller. I can operate the controller directly from the home screen of Homeseer but when I try and write this simple script both the conditions and actions have the exclamation warning triangle.

    Also, is there a way to reorder group actions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Sorry the image is incomplete. I started over and did not add the starting time before I posted the image. With the 6AM starting time I still get the warning triangle.

    Thanks again for any help,

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      Are you using the group conditions and actions in any event? You need a event referencing the group condition and action for the triangle to disapear. That is what the interface tries to warn for with the triangle...

      For example, you need to create an event that triggers at 6 am, then add an "AND IF" and select the group conditons from the selection box.

      In the actions for this event, select "Run the group actions"

      Hope this helps,

      -- Wim

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        I posted another thread a while back that has an example of the event I used. May be of help. Leave out the line that deals with system enable. It is not used. You can just leave it in the off state. The power cycle line is to an appliance module that turns power on and off to the whole controller.


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          Thanks Wim, when I hit the + for a new event it did not expand to add the event (you have to also click "show all" or it remains hidden). I have only created a few events a while ago and forgot about that, so I moved to the group conditions/actions sections.

          Cowinger - thanks for your example, I was writing my script based on yours.

          Appreciate the help guys!