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Philio PSP05 Not working

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  • Philio PSP05 Not working

    Bought and added a Philio PSP05 PIR sensor recently. Added the following:
    Network and Node ID D51DE148, 57 Manufacturer Philio Technology Corp (ID=0x13C)
    Product Type 0x2 Product ID 0x50
    Z-Wave Plus Node Type ZWP Node Z-Wave Plus Role Type (Unknown)
    Supports Status No Library Type Routing Slave
    Z-Wave Lib Version 4.38 (ZDK 6.51.9) Application Version 1.28
    Hardware Version 1 Firmware 0 Version 1.22
    Battery, Cmd Class: Battery (Ver: 1)
    Home Security, Cmd Class: Notification (Ver: 4)
    Sensor Binary Tamper, Cmd Class: Sensor Binary (Ver: 2)
    Sensor Binary Motion, Cmd Class: Sensor Binary (Ver: 2)
    Association Groups (2) = 1, 2 Association Group 1 Max=8, Nodes=1 (HS3)
    Association Group 2 Max=8, Nodes=1 (HS3)

    The issue I have is, it's not change status of the Home security. It's stuck with a value of 8 (status of motion). However, it's updating the root 'last change' time and when checking log it's saying Root is Motion\No Motion. None of the other child devices change. Not even tamper.

    Is this a Z-wave database bug where this device is not configured correctly?

    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate - Work Station Z-Wave

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    Bug reported


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      Any news?


      Is there any update on this bug?

      I have the same problem



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        Hi guys - also just bought one of these, and have the same problem. Did they ever fix this?


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          I have added one and having the same issue - any update??