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HS3 Pro Runs in background after restart

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  • HS3 Pro Runs in background after restart

    I created a scheduled task in Windows 10 to launch HS3 Pro on startup. There is a HomeSeer YouTube video on this and I mimicked it exactly. It's not exactly rocket surgery anyway!

    Now, when Windows starts up, HS3 launches but it runs in the background; When I login to my User Account there is no HS3 taskbar icon and the Web Interface is not running on the desktop. This is a dedicated HS3 machine and there are no other applications running on it other than Avast Antivirus.

    Task Manager shows it to be running as a process and all the functions, events etc. are working but I have no access to the program in the machine on which it's running.

    I can login via remote desktop from another computer and the Web Interface appears on the remote machine. HSTouch and work as well.

    Here is a dump from the "About" page;

    Current Date/Time: 10/23/2017 8:28:07 AM Central Daylight Time HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition (Windows) HomeSeer: Is Registered Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station OS Version: 10.0.15063 Service Pack: 0.0 System Uptime: 0 Days 14 Hours 55 Minutes 19 Seconds User Name and Access Level: default (Admin) LAN IP Address: (HS3Machine) Client IP Address: (HS3Machine) External IP Address: xx.xx.xx.179 ( Network Adapter: Adapter -> Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter #3 IP: MAC: 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Network Adapter: HomeSeer Adapter -> Loopback Address (localhost) IP: xx.xx.xx.1 Web Server Port: 80 Number of Devices: 83 Number of Events: 41 Event Last Ran: Kitchen Lights : No Motion Turns Lights Off, Ran at 10/23/2017 7:49:46 AM Number of unique event scripts used: 0 Connected Speaker Clients: HS3MACHINE ( Plug-Ins Enabled: BLStat:,Z-Wave:,BLShutdown: Processor Type and Speed: Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8 at 1.86 GHz Modules/Threads: 118 Modules, 63 Threads Available Threads: 1022 System Processes/Load: 119 Processes, 0% Load Free / Total Physical Memory: 6.33 GBytes / 7.88 GBytes (80% free) Free / Total Virtual Memory: 14.11 GBytes / 15.88 GBytes (89% free) HomeSeer Memory Used: 32 Mbytes Plug-In Memory Used: 3 EXE Plug-Ins using 25 Mbytes

    Any ideas??
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    Can you access via the wen interface?


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      Originally posted by IanIreland View Post
      Can you access via the wen interface?
      The Web Interface is available on any machine in my network EXCEPT the machine I have HS3 running on.


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        Have you tried initiating a normal shutdown of HS from the web interface on another computer, then restarting it manually to see if that makes a difference?

        What happens if you pin the HS icon to the task bar?

        Is the Speaker icon in the notification area?

        Have you contacted HST support with your question?
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          I would want to see a screenshot of the task that is starting HS. It sounds like it is being started under another user or started without a user logged in. HS really doesn't work well when started as a background task - it works best when run with an Administrator User logged in.

          The most reliable way I have found to run HS on a Windows machine, without user intervention is to
          • Set UAC to minimum
          • Auto logon when Windows starts (use netplwiz.exe)
          • Use R2 labs startup delayer (standard) to start HS when the computer starts
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            Can anyone answer whether the official HS video instruction for setting up automatic HS3 start on boot is wrong? Or possibly no longer applies for Windows 10? As the OP said it explains in detail how to configure a scheduled task to start HS3 whether or not a user is logged in, and even starts out by explaining why HS3 can't be run as a service. But it causes HS3 to start as a background process. I'm out of my schooling with this but I think I'm understanding it's possible for an .exe to run as a background process without being run as a service. If that's true, then perhaps HS3 will function properly running as a background process? Otherwise why would HS advise to do it this way?

            Related question: How do you shut down HS3 from the web interface as mentioned by UncleMichael above? Is a script or utility such as Jon00's required or am I overlooking something obvious in the menus?



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              I run Homeseer as a background process (currently running under Windows 8.1) as described above. When I set up the Windows Scheduler entry for Homeseer, I made sure to set the user account to my normal signon user account, and also to set the "Run as Administrator" check box.

              To access Homeseer on that computer, I simply bring up a browser, then enter the IP address in the http field that the computer is currently using (i.e ""). Since I use my router IP reservation to assign that computer to the same IP address, the IP address is always the same.

              There are several ways to shut down Homeseer. Jon00s is probably the simpliest. I created an event that calls the shutdown routine, then simply manually run that event from the web interface.


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                Originally posted by EdinTexas View Post

                The Web Interface is available on any machine in my network EXCEPT the machine I have HS3 running on.
                I can't access the web interface from pc running the HS3 using ip address but I can get to it by typing http://localhost