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    Originally posted by mminehan View Post

    Did you compile your own version from a github fork? Or did you just download the version MattL0 put in post #10?
    I have Influx and Grafana running on a Raspberry Pi. I use my own HS script to send inputs to the Influx DB. But it's a clunky script. So changing to this plugin sounds like a good idea. Just want to make sure it works properly before I drop my existing database.

    Downloaded the linked zip, but a previous post suggested the binary is on GitHub as well.

    You could always create a new DB without changing your script and run both in parallel.

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      Just started expirmenting with this plugin. Had a slight hickup the day after I installed it with HS not starting up properly, but not sure if this was related to the plugin or not.

      It's a shame the original author deepakkhajuria has not been active for almost a year. It would be great to be able to make some tweaks to the plugin. For example the option to post to Influx every x minutes and/or on value change would be great, rather than just value change.

      I'm not competent enough to write plugins. I can usually get my head around simple scripting though.

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