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Help with VB.Net script and an Event having same issue

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  • Help with VB.Net script and an Event having same issue

    Coming up with the message title was hard.

    I have tried a script and an event to perform the action that I’m about to describe.

    I have built a script that is able to identify which device has invoked the script itself. I am then able to send audio Or text to speech back only to the client which invoked the script. That part works fine.

    In thinking about how I wanted the other devices to react to a successful login, I decided that after a successful login from any device all the screens would change on all devices to reflect that there’s an active login on the system. So in the script I simply send a command To change the screen on all devices to the unlocked screen. Every device changes to the unlocked screen except for the device that caused the script to fire. Since I’m sending some audio to the screen that successfully logged in I am thinking that that thread has not expired or released and that’s why the command to that screen is going stale.

    So I decided to invoke an event instead. The event is in HS touch caption that opens the screen on all devices. It works and fails exactly the same way. In hindsight making it an event should and didn’t fix it.

    The audio is always fired from a script and not an event.

    Still thinking about it being the audio I decided to put a 10 second timer delay in the event before issuing the HSTouch action.

    Viola that works.

    I am able to go as low as 5 seconds and it still works. A delay of less than 5 and the client getting the audio never changes to the screen.

    Is there a way around this. I hate the delay, it isn’t fluid.

    Do I need to post some code? I am brand new to It may be how I a, scripting it.