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Garage Lighting Motion Control event issues....

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  • Garage Lighting Motion Control event issues....

    Trying to get my Fibaro Multi-Sensor to control my overhead lights in my garage, and can't seem to get the "How To" example that Macro-Mark created in 2015 to work - see link

    The motion sensor turns the lights on, but never turns them off. I checked the status of the "Garage Motion Timer" device, and it still keeps counting up.

    ( Note: the 2 minute value of the timer is just for testing, will be probably more like 15 minutes when in use )

    Am I missing something ? Do I need to reset the motion sensor detection or something ?

    Refer to below ---
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    For your middle event (#2), add to turn off the lights after a delay of X minutes (e.g. 15 minutes). This adds a delayed event to your system. You should then add an entry to delete that delayed event when turning on the lights.

    So motion gets detected, delete the delayed event, then turn on the lights, then set a delayed event to turn off the lights.


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      Here are our two events.
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        Final result....

        Here is what I used for the 2 events -- very basic..... but works.

        Thanks for the help...

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