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How to match device value data type?

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    How to match device value data type?


    I've made a circuit for a fluxmeter based on the Z-uno device from Zwave>Me and the GA1A1S202WP device from AdaFruit.
    I've added the corresponding sketch to show how the datatype is defined in the Z-uno device. (Adafruit-GA1A1S202WP.txt)

    The electronics are working and are reporting the expected values. (see the serial monitor report of the arduino IDE)

    But I can't match the right datatype in HS3 for the device value. The created device in HS3 when including the device into the z-wave network has apparently a 1 byte datatype. (see DeviceInfo3.png)
    The device value is regulary refreshed but reports always 255 or 2,55(looks like it is overblown).
    It looks like the Luminance device is always reporting it's max value of 255 (1byte).

    How can I match the HS3 device value datatype to the one defined in the sketch (C# float (4bytes))?


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    This could be quite difficult to resolve, in theory from what I understand when you setup the channels in the Z-Uno (four bytes, two decimals) and include the device in HS then it should discover this and create an appropriate device in HS for those.

    If you have not tried a re-scan then I would be tempted to do that, however looking at the device settings it seems that it would have the capability to display decimal values and it is something inside the HS plugin that is likely not sending the four bit value to the device. Because only some of the sketches are deemed to be certified (which unless they have changed don't work with HS correctly either, I tried the 10 channel one and it didn't work correctly) then my interpretation is anything else is outside of certification and as such support from HS is likely to be not forthcoming.


      How to match device value data type

      Hello Adam,

      Thanks for this info.
      Yes I've tried to rescan, exclude/include with slightly different combinations, but noth one of the created devices corresponded with the definitions in the sketches.

      So if I understand your comment correctly, I should chase for the list of certified sketches and see if in this list there is something usefull for my needs.

      I assume the forum would be the place to start.

      Thanks for the input.

      Kind regards,