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  • Paranoia or not

    In real life when I meet face to face, get to know someone I trust them explicitly till they've proven otherwise, when it comes to the internet and internet of things it's the exact opposite trust no one till they have proven otherwise.

    We don't buy or allow devices into our home that have to call home so that we can have access to them. There are enough examples of bad IOT devices and companies out there either complicit or not. Once someone gains access to a device on a network it raises the potential to access the entire network and devices if so inclined. This tends to limit our automation capabilities or at the least increases the cost to find an alternative method, which is okay I'm not in this hobby to necessarily save money.

    So we started down this road of implementing HS3 in our new home, we used HS2 in our previous home and we've been happy with it's capabilities and found it to be very reliable once all setup.

    Yesterday I was going to try the new mobile app using the direct IP connection method for reasons described above. But I couldn't get this option to login and it defaulted back to the MyHS login screen, which I believe is my fault because I haven't updated my HS machine to the req'd beta version. But it got me thinking about maybe considering a MyHS account. So I thought I'd read the privacy policy for the first time, most of which is generic. I must commend HS it is well written, short and easy to understand.

    These 2 lines kind of took me aback.

    Does our site allow third-party behavioral tracking?

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    Too bad the rest of the post is cut-off/missing....


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      Originally posted by jeubanks View Post
      Too bad the rest of the post is cut-off/missing....
      The actual statement from the Privacy Policy is:

      Does our site allow third-party behavioral tracking?
      It's also important to note that we allow third-party behavioral tracking

      I had to change the apostrophe in the text because it was one of the single quotes the new forum software doesn't like.

      Randy Prade
      Aurora, CO

      PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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        Ahhh... well like it or not whatever we do online is tracked in some way shape or form as is all telecommunications. Not paranoid, just aware.


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          IOT is no small thing. I'm always wary and keep these things on their own segmented switch. If my light bulbs want to fight with my refrigerator - at least they aren't affecting more important things.

          I do not use MYHS - it is so darn easy to VPN.


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            Reminds me of the scene in Transformers when the Soda machine comes alive...