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Playing sounds out specific sound card

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    Playing sounds out specific sound card

    I know this has been discussed before, but I still cannot find a solution. I have 2 sound cards. The Windows default I use for playing music and the 2nd card for announcement. I would like to play a media file / sound chime before my announcement out the same card as my speech. The sound always plays out the default sound card. I have tried to create a 2nd speaker client with my 2nd sound card as the default and direct my chime and speech to it, but then the chime doesn't even play.

    Any ideas?

    Well, your describtion of the situation is exactly like mine and i am complaining about it for some time already.
    I've entered a bugzilla report and it was comfirmed that it is a bug in HS3 however i didn't see a solution till now.

    I also tried it in so many way to by pass this annoying error. I've tried it via scripting, events, including the wav in the speech command as the docs say, extra speaker clients and direct it to those but none worked.