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Controlling Slat Angle with Fibaro Roller Blind Module

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  • Controlling Slat Angle with Fibaro Roller Blind Module

    Hi everyone, extremely new HS3 user here! I have several Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Blind modules, and am using them with Venetian blinds, ie with slats. I have them working fine with HS3 (and Alexa!), with one exception - I cannot see any way to control the slat angle. HS3 offers me a Binary Switch (ie blinds fully open or fully closed), plus a Multilevel Switch, (so I can set the blinds to lower or raise to any position), but the slats *always* end up horizontal. I have configured the correct parameter in the Fibaro module to indicate I have slatted blinds. Am I missing something, or is this functionality simply not present in HS3?

    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Standard Edition (Windows)
    Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Blind Module EU2.5 (is that a version)
    Aeotec Z-Stick

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    What version of the Z-Wave plugin are you using? There is an issue in the current Beta's where devices that should create dual child switches do not. Most likely your Fibaro device is meant to have two binary switches and two multilevel switches (one for height, one for angle).


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      My Z-Wave plugin is version I think you are correct that I should be seeing dual child switches. Are you saying that there are some versions of the plugin that correctly create these? Or (more hopefully) that these should be supported, but the current version has an outstanding bug? Is there any form of workaround possible?


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        I was having issues with a Qubino double relay module only creating a single binary switch child device. That was under the 3.0 2.230 beta.

        I rolled back to two nights ago and it fixed the issue, I now get two child switches.

        It does not seem to fix the shutter module though, after a rescan I still only get a single multi level and binary switch for my Qubino DC shutter. A little more troubleshooting to do yet though.