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    I am interested in upgrading from the Zee2 to the HomeTroller SEL Home Controller. Will, I be able to back up my Zee 2 settings and restore them onto the new controller and retain all of the devices, events, timer...etc? Also, will it retain the Device ID's? I currently have eternal devices that poll homeseer by device ID and am wondering if those device Id's will change.

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    Yes. The Zee2 runs a Linux only lite version of Homeseer 3. lite=maximum of 5 plugins. Homeseer SEL is running HS3 standard or pro.

    1 - back up / rename your SEL directory so say..../usr/local/HomeSeerBU which Homeseer is in off mode.
    2 - copy the Zee2 /usr/HomeSeer directory over to the SEL /usr/HomeSeer directory
    3 - test it to make sure it works
    4 - update the SEL directory with a HS3 SEL update
    5 - reboot / restart the SEL Homeseer program.

    Linux is linux and differences between the Zee2 and SEL is that the Zee2 uses an ARM cpu and SEL uses an Intel CPU. The Zee2 utilizes Rasberian Jessie and the SEL utilizes LUbuntu.

    Keep your Zee 2. Here utilize both. Sometimes I test on the Homeseer 3 lite box and sometimes on the Homeseer 3 Pro box.

    Relating to ZWave hardware the Zee2 saves a copy of the firmware. When you turn enable the SEL ZWave the first time restore the backed up ZWave firmware to the new stick. Your homeid should then be the same.

    The easiest way to do this is to utilize Linux file manager locally or remotely using SFTP. Here utilize Ubuntu 18.04 desktop on my laptop to do this remotely. (IE: all of my HS3 boxes run headless).

    If using Windows as your main desktop then download and install Putty and WinSCP and utilize these two programs.
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