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How do you remove a dead node... HS3 won't do it, Zensys won't do it.

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  • How do you remove a dead node... HS3 won't do it, Zensys won't do it.

    So I'm trying to cleanup the system from old nodes that fried out or whatever... devices that I could not get talked to remove the node properly.

    I had 6 devices in total that are gone...

    In HS3Pro I attempted to go into the Zwave controller interface and remove the bad nodes, it didnt work because they were not there to communicate.
    I then went into the devices Zwave tab > Remove Bad node > this did not work either.
    After then I just went to the device managemnt page, selected all of the items in that node, and deleted them.
    At this point I thought they were gone. BUT, I went to Plug-ins > Zwave > Node Information... and all of them are still there but with no "Full Name". At this point I couldnt figure out what to do next, so did a search and found that some of you used Zensys.

    I selected the node, then hit remove... obviously nothing happened because it could not reach the node... I then hit "Remove Failed". This worked on 1 out of the 6 bad nodes. The rest of the 5 come back with "Remove Failed Node from the network failed..."

    I tried restarting the ZWaveStick+ interface, restarting the Windows 10 pc I have the Stick+ in and HS3Pro on.... nothing is letting me remove those 5 devices.


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    I've had this before. There is a config file, I can't remember which one, that you can manually edit and remove the relevant entries. If you search on the forum you will find the thread that describes it.


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      Here's a method that's worked for me ...

      In the Z-Wave plugin's Actions menu, do you see both a "Back Up this interface" and "Restore a Network to this Interface"? If not, you're controller does not support restoring from backups so this won't work, but if they are both there, then you can use this method:
      1. First do a full backup from the [Tools] -> [Setup] menu.
      2. Write down the node numbers of the nodes you want to delete from your network.
      3. Then in the Z-Wave Actions menu, do a "Back Up this Interface" and note the name of the file that is created. It will have the form ZNet_Network ABCDEFG_HIJK.ZWave
      4. The *.ZWave file that was just created is a simple text file with each node's information on a separate line (there's a few lines in the beginning defining the network, but then each line is the node number followed by some related data). Edit the file using a text editor to remove the lines with the nodes that you no longer want and save the file using a new name ending in .ZWave (use a new name just in case you made a mistake and want to go back to your original setup).
      5. Do a "Restore a Network to this Interface" to load your Z-Wave interface with the revised network file that you just created.
      6. This deletes the nodes from the controller. There may still be device entries in HomeSeer that are associated with the old nodes. You can now manually delete those by selecting them using their check boxes on the [Home] tab and doing a Delete.


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        We’ve seen many posts like this one. Perhaps it should be a function of Homeseer to be able to do such editing and removal. And not the hit or miss that we frequently read about.
        Identify your problem node, open the list,select the node or nodes,then hit ok. Done deal


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          So I created the "Back Up this Interface" file... but can not find it anywhere on the machine. Windows search does not see it anywhere on the entire drive.

          Any idea where this is located?


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            Integraoligist. Oops, sorry I forgot to mention that. In Windows, its generally at: C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Z-Wave


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              Got it... I removed the lines with the bad nodes, saved with the extension... and tried uploading.

              Checking file...
              Starting restore operation.
              Restoring node information from the file C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Z-Wave\backupupdated.ZWave. Please wait...
              Erasing the interface...
              Z-Wave Interface ZWStick (1) has been reset to its defaults.
              Error: ZWStick: The command to set the interface to its defaults failed.
              Error sending ERASE CONTROLLER command to the interface.

              This killed the controller.
              Tried doing it again, same thing.
              Had to restart the PC then restore the original.


              Also... just seen under Node Information, there are 2 new networks:
              Node Information for Network DF2B21E5
              DF2B21E5 There are no interfaces initialized for this network.
              Node Information for Network F2F04BEC
              F2F04BEC There are no interfaces initialized for this network.

              then the next (3rd) network has all the nodes in it.
              Is there a way to remove the other networks now?


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                I think that when you try to restore a network to a Z-Wave stick, the stick gets reinitialized with a new network number which then gets overwritten with your original one which leaves these lingering networks with no interface. On the Z-Wave plug-in management page, expand the section "Z-Wave Networks and Options" and you should be able to remove them them there.

                You were able to restore the original network but not the revised one? That seems strange. I have a spare Z-Wave stick - if you want to post your original and edited .Zwave files, I can see what happens if I try to restore it to my spare.


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                  Well, at least after doing the above, the dead nodes showed back up in device management.... I went to Zwave and did Remove Bad Node... it would not do it... I then hit rescan, it didn't see it... then hit Remove Bad Node again and NOW it finally removed it. Had to do this for each of the devices, but it worked!

                  Perfect, yes going to the "Z-Wave Networks and Options" area did allow me to remove the dead networks. Thanks again for the help! Trying to clean up this system to get it running optimal has been painstaking.


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                    Click on the 'Home' menu, you should see the 'Device List'.
                    Click on the name of the node you're trying to remove. You should see 4 tabs: Configuration, Advanced, Status Graphics, and Z-wave.
                    Click on the 'Z-wave' tab.
                    Click on the 'Test Connectivity' button, wait for it to report that it can't find the node.
                    Click on the 'Remove Node'


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                      RicardoG - very helpful. Thank you!