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  • HTTP POST - Stringify

    Ok I am trying to integrate somethings using Stringify and I am a total NEWB!

    I have able to research and figure out how to use a GET command to receive something from Stringify and make a change in HS3 and its great!

    Now Im trying to go the other way.

    On Stringify, in order to trigger something it tells me to SEND AN HTTP POST to this URL:**************

    The **** are just randomozied characters. Its very long and randomized.

    Ideally, what I want is a virtual device that when turned on triggers the HTTP post to Stringify and it will control the top or bottom load of a Wink Relay I have installed.

    I have read tons of stuff to try and figure it out and Im just not getting. I even installed Dr. Mckays Webhook Notified and cant figure out exactly how that works.

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    Not a direct answer to your question, but I would recommend the mcsMQTT plugin and replace the relays software with readily available MQTT back end. It's rock solid, lightning fast and all local.

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      Finally figured it out..was missing some parameters on end. Here it is if anyone wants to use Homeseer to trigger Stringify.

      Make an even that runs and immediate script:


      Repalce the webhooks link with the one provided from the MAKER THING in Stringify as a Trigger.

      I can now control the top and bottom load of my Wink Relay with Homeseer.

      I also have the Homeseer HS touch app loaded on the touch screen portion of the relay.


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        FYI, just received this email:

        Dear Shut Down,

        After nearly five years of transforming how people automate their connected lives, I’m sorry to inform you that we are beginning the process of deactivating the Stringify app. This isn’t a decision we made lightly, but as our focus increasingly shifts to developing new connected-home experiences at Comcast, we made a strategic decision to step back from developing the app.

        You don’t need to take any action right away. While we will be removing Stringify from app stores today, we will continue to operate and support the service for existing users through the month of June. When we deactivate the app, we will also delete all of your user data.

        We know that Stringify plays a big part in our users’ daily lives, and we want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to adjust.

        To that end, I’d also like to offer a couple of recommendations of potential technology alternatives. While I’d encourage you to do your own research, our team thinks these solutions each offer unique value.

        IFTTT – A great free-to-use service that offers a lot of the same functions and capabilities as Stringify.

        Yonomi – Another free-to-use service that supports many connected devices and experiences.

        WebCore – For users of Samsung SmartThings platform. Some folks on our team have been using and enjoying it.

        Thanks again for being part of Stringify. It’s been a true pleasure to work with our tremendous community of users. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns.



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          Yep....after finally figuring it out.

          Now to figure out something different...made node-red


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            Originally posted by mbg0333 View Post
            Yep....after finally figuring it out.

            Now to figure out something different...made node-red
            I've started using HASS and Node-Red on a RPi for stuff that HS can't control. Don't have very much extra time for learning new stuff but it's been helpful.