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[HS3 > Tools > About Homeseer] - Needs internet access

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  • [HS3 > Tools > About Homeseer] - Needs internet access

    Does any one know why is it that if I want to see the About Homeseer page, I have to let the Homeseer software "talk to the internet"?

    Without Internet access - this box spins... I waited probably 5 minutes...
    Click image for larger version

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    With Internet access enabled, the page sprung into life..

    Click image for larger version

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    Probably because it is looking for your external IP address. To find that address the system would need to contact an external server out on the Internet (probably a HomeSeer server) that can determine the address and report that address back to your system.

    Looks like when the system tries to find the IP it keeps trying and never times out. It should probably be programmed such that it it can't determine the external IP it eventually stops trying then displays the about page without the external IP.


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      My HomeSeer server doesn’t have internet access at all and it works since day one.
      Mover the years I updated homeseer3 a few times and all versions work without internet.
      Right now I am on .500
      I have myhomeseer disabled but testet is with the function turned on. It works both ways just that HomeSeer can’t get a external up.
      But the about page comes up.

      Not it sure what’s different on your set up.


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        Computernut try updating HS3 to the latest version (.500) and test as this was broken for a few versions.