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why can't I replace/remove my node?

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  • why can't I replace/remove my node?

    Took the switch out and installed the new one already so for sure it isn't communicating. I've tried both remove and replace bad node and I keep on getting an error.

    Node 61 was not removed from any interface in the system, it may still be communicating or function aborted.

    In the log this is what I get
    Feb-07 9:08:03 PM Z-Wave Warning HomeSeer USB: Node 61 was not removed because the interface HomeSeer USB does not have that node in its memory. (It may already be removed.)

    I guess i'm SOL and just start over on this one?

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    Try to do a 'test connectivity', and after that the remove bad node. The easiest would be to plug the old node in, and then exclude it. If thats not possible for any reason, and the former doesnt work, you might have to do a backup of your network, edit the node out, and restore the edited backup. Then optimize your network as all your routing will be gone