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AT&T voices for Speaker on Windows 10

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  • AT&T voices for Speaker on Windows 10

    *** UPDATE - I've figured it out. I wish I'd documented my work back in 2008!! ***

    I'm struggling and need some help!

    I bought the AT&T voices many years ago. I went through the process of enabling them to be installed in Windows 2003 (in about 2008) and subsequently installed them onto a Windows 8 PC, again without issue. That PC has subsequently been upgraded to Windows 10 and all is working well.

    However, I am building a backup PC with Windows 10 and have everything working well except I can't get the AT&T voices working.

    On installation of the Audrey16 voice, it all goes well until the end when it gives this error which may or may not be spurious)

    "Failed to open: c:\program files (x86)\ATTNaturalVoices\TTS1.3\Desktop\data\en_uk\Audrey\dbpc mbec"
    (This file does exist btw)

    The voice seems to be available in the Speaker but gives the following error when I try to use it:

    "Error in speak: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040018"

    Has anyone else experienced this and have a fix or any ideas?