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Virtual COM port not working.

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  • Virtual COM port not working.

    My Smartstick+ died so I got out my old Z-stick S2. When I try to set up the interface, I get Chinese characters be hind the COM4. Homeseer cannot initialize this interface.

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    Are you certain that the old stick is com4? Did you check the device manager?


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      Yes and made sure I have the proper driver and firmware for the Z-stick. This is the only virtual com port I have running and of course it disappears when you unplug the stick. No Chinese characters in device manager. Very puzzling. I have ticket open with Aeotec. So far they are just making sure I was using the right driver.


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        Does this continue if the ZWave plugin is restarted?


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          I'm having the exact same problem. Mine popped up after my old Win7 machine died and I moved everything to a Win10 machine yesterday. The error in the log indicates the failure is because HS is trying to open "COM3�륄谆륄谆����������������ᛖ碯륄谆闔磲륄谆������谆٠낂ﶘӉꬁ﶐Ӊꬁ����【 낂�������", and the actual name in device manager is "COM3". I just downloaded the latest Win10 driver, and still had no luck.


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            I found the solution to this (at least for me). When I plugged the Z Stick into my new computer, it would not automatically recognize it, so i manually installed the Win10 drivers from SI Labs. The result is exactly as described above. Just for testing, I plugged the Z Stick into my Win10 Laptop, and it recognized it immediately, so that told me it was something specifically with my new computer, and not necessarily a Win10 or device issue. My new computer is an Intel NUC, so I'm guessing some kind of hardware compatibility issue. I Googled around a bit, and a couple of posts over on the SI Labs forums gave me an idea. I downloaded the Win7 driver from SI Labs, and then in Win10 installed it in Win7 compatibility mode. Now everything works fine!