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  • Slow device status update

    I apologize for the abstruse topic, but I'd like to understand if this behavior is indicative of a problem.

    I have an event that is intended to detect an unexpected 'on' condition of a lamp. The criterion is whether the lighting scene for the room is consistent with the lamp turning on.

    My first attempt failed because I checked the scene condition as soon as the lamp turned on, but there is a delay before the virtual device that reflects the scene changes state.

    I changed the test to occur after the lamp has been on for 10 seconds, but was surprised that even then the virtual device has not reliably updated. ??

    The log shows the sequence (time in reverse order):
    Feb-18 5:01:44 PM LRScene 1779 -> 0
    Feb-18 5:01:44 PM Device Control Device: Security Occupancy Living Room Occupied to On (100)
    Feb-18 5:01:44 PM Event Event Trigger "Living Room Motion Living Room Occupied - Device Change"
    Feb-18 5:01:44 PM Event Running script in background: C:/Program Files (x86)/HomeSeer HS3/scripts/Lighting Adjust Living Room.vb
    Feb-18 5:01:44 PM Event Event Trigger "Lighting Adjust Living Room"
    Feb-18 5:01:41 PM Device Control Device: UPB Living Room Lamps to Off (0)
    Feb-18 5:01:41 PM Event Event Trigger "Lighting Track Living Room Lamps"
    Feb-18 5:01:24 PM Device Control Device: Information Lighting Scene - LR Plants to Bright (1785)
    Feb-18 5:01:24 PM Device Control Device: Information Lighting Scene - Living Room to Read (1779)
    In this example, the scene was triggered at 5:01:21.
    The virtual scene device is set (in bold) at 5:01:24.
    The test (in red), which runs if the scene is not set to 'Read', runs at 5:01:41 - 17 seconds after the virtual device is set to 'Read' in the log. !!!
    A check of the Device Management page shows that the virtual device last change time is listed at 5:01:44 - 20 seconds after the log indicates that it changed. ??? (The event that runs at 5:01:44 is triggered by the virtual device change.)

    So, my question is: Does this behavior surprise anyone?
    If this delay in updating the status of a virtual device is unexpected, I'd appreciate some ideas for diagnosing the cause.
    I'm running v435 of HS3 under Win 10 on a 7th gen i3. CPU load is typically between 10 - 15%
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