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  • Controller listed under Device Management

    I had a problem with the Aeotec Zstick gen5 controller. After much messing I had no choice left but to factory reset the stick and wipe all devices and the controller from homeseer to get things working again. Now after adding the controller back I notice that the Zstick is listed under device management whereby it wasn't previously.

    Should the stick be listed under devices?


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    Mine is as well, So Far so Good.
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      Yes, no issue with it being listed. Mine has had a device for quite a long time.
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        Oh right ok. It seemed odd because the stick used to have a blue light all the time yet function properly. Now it has the multicolour alternating lights and this is apparently normal. So some weird stuff going on. I'll just hide it from view then in devices.

        Still, not sure why it's listed as a node?