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Recommended Device Organization (Floor, Room, etc.)

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  • Recommended Device Organization (Floor, Room, etc.)

    I am new to HomeSeer and want some advice on organizing all of my devices.

    What works well for the "Floor" and "Room" fields. My house is only one story so I was thinking of some alternative ideas for the floor field and making the Room field be the physical location of the device.

    I saw some examples where "Floor" is things such as "HVAC", "Lightning", so it is easier to find things.

    In particular I am not sure how to organize combination sensors. For example, I have a HomeSeer leak sensor. Do I put the temperature value in the "Floor" of "HVAC" and the "Battery Status" in a "Floor" of "Battery Status."

    I already have about 500 devices since I added my Elk Security system and Lutron RadioRa2 lights. So just adding two plugins added hundreds of devices and I would like to find a good way to organize/name them.

    What has worked well for you all?

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    You have to see what works and make sense to your brain

    You can change the name of each location in Setup/custom. Mine are Location and Device.

    Remember you can also filter on a third value, device type, So you don't have to use one of the location fields for the type. For me, Child devices keep the same values as the root device. I also have a few special locations like control and counters for devices that are not really located in a room or area.

    EDIT Also take a look at how the names are displayed when building events. I changed my naming after finding my original setup was very redundant and hard to deal with in events and drop down boxes. You could up with long names like:

    drews office casteta pico pico drews office

    now it displays as:

    Office Casteta drews pico
    HS3 SEL running Pro Edition on Ubuntu 18.04, mono 5.20, 656 devices, 209 events.
    Plug-Ins: Chromecast, Device History, EasyTrigger, Ecobee, JowiHue, LutronCaseta, MeiUnifi, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, SDJ-Health, Sonos, WeatherFlow, weatherXML
    Scripts: SparkMan's Lock Event, 5 of Jon00 scripts.