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Anyone saw a a memory increase over time with hs3 Linux?

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  • Anyone saw a a memory increase over time with hs3 Linux?

    I had to reboot my server quite a lot of time recently. So i did not see this issue.

    The hs3 process consume something like 0.9% of 16 gb of ram.

    Now i see that it is at almost 2%. After 15 hours of use.

    Is it possible that recents beta versions of hs have a memory leak?
    Or maybe it is just because I have played with some jon00 aspx package yesterday and they still are in memory?

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    now 2.1%

    Edit: now it's back to 1.9% 4 hours later. I think it is due to the aspx page in memory. Will restart the pc to see if it goes up again to 2%
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      On my 4G Ubuntu system, HS3 Pro levels out at between 10% and 11%, so 2% of a 16G system seems fine. It can take quite a bit of time (days) for the HS3 memory utilization to peak. If it keeps climbing regularly after that, then it is time to worry. I also have a RPi system at another location and it runs at about 11%.


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        Thanks bdickhaus !!

        Then I will keep e eyes on this after a couple a days. I do not think it was a leak.
        The 2% has been stable for like 6-7 hours.

        Now HS3 it is back to 0.8-1% after restarting and running the Server since 8 hours