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Is there a way in HS to mimic power consumption?

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  • Is there a way in HS to mimic power consumption?

    Hi all,

    I have a bunch of Fibaro 212 relays dotted around the house but apparently do not have power consumption.
    I know in the Fibaro controller days it had an option to add a number in for wattage so it if on, it would use that number per second/minute/hour to calculate consumption.
    Is this possible in Homeseer?

    It would be for areas where I know exactly what the bulb is generating - for instance a 40w bulb or a 3w led bulb and so consumption would be 3x * x minutes/hours etc

    Thanks in advance

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    I think you could do this with a combination of a virtual device, a timer, and the Easy Trigger plugin. First setup an event that every time the switch turns on the timer starts. Then a second event that when the switch turns off you stop the timer, passing its value to Easy Trigger expression function which would calculate the result of your calculation, then place the result in the virtual device. After you write the result to the virtual device reset the timer to zero.

    I have not done this only read things in the forum regarding Easy Trigger capabilities. You will need to explore and experiment. Hopefully this gets you started in the right direction.

    There are others active in the forum such as rprade that are experts at events that could help you more than me.

    ​​​​​​​Good Luck


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      You can use immediate script commands in an event action to do calculations as well. It’s easy to multiply the value of devices, etc.
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