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Mass update Z-wave associations

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  • Mass update Z-wave associations

    Had a Z-Stick Gen 5 node 1 as sole controller. Have now added a UZB as there seemed to be a lot of reports of issues with the Z-stick on Homeseer- and I really need a backup.
    The changeover went smoothly using the z-wave transfer tools and the UZB is now primary controller and controlling things- but if I now disable the Z-stick I'm not getting a lot of inbound messages presumably as associations point to node 1.

    Is there a way to either swap the controller nodeID's, or bulk update all the field device associations to the new controller ID?

    I've got a lot of Qubino multichannel devices with associations in many different groups making it a big task to change each there a Homeseer plugin which makes association and/ or tweaking z-wave parameters easier?