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Need to reset the graph attributes to "default"

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  • Need to reset the graph attributes to "default"

    I think I inadvertently upset my graph configuration as some of the numbers do not add up.

    I would like to reset the graphs back to stock. I searched for an .INI in the config folder and found nothing.

    I see the "Clear Saved Data" in the config, but am I correct that this is just the energy data? Is there any way to "reset" the graph configuration back to stock ?

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    I have tried a few things to get this back to normal. I deleted all the graphs. I have tried a Repair of the HS3 installation, re-installing the Rainforest Plug-in, Clearing the saved data and none of these have helped.

    The HS help file suggests that Clearing the saved data would repair the graphs but this seems to not be the case.

    Any suggestions?