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voice command issues with dimmer

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  • voice command issues with dimmer

    Just starting to play with voice commands on the new mobile app and I'm getting some strange behavior. I tell it to "set cabinet lights to 50%" which it will acknowledge but then it just turns off the lights. In the log I see it hearing the command, recognizing it but then setting the device to 0. doesn't matter what % I say it always goes to 0. Turn on / Turn off the lights works fine via voice just not setting them to anything in between. I'm not using alexa or anything like that, just strictly through the homeseer mobile app.

    I'm on HS3 Pro Edition (Windows) with the latest homeseer mobile android app. Dimmers are GE zwave plus dimmers. Everything functions perfectly outside of the voice issue so I'm sure it's isolated to something in that arena.

    Anyone run into this?