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Corrupted Config File After WU

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    Originally posted by larrywal32 View Post
    Bought it about 18 months ago - is that something that would warrant a ticket? How would HS have disabled it? Either way, though, wouldn't completing disabling be risky if I have it connected to myhs?
    Windows 1803 and 1903 upgrades would have totally undone any OS tweaks that might have been applied. I've got an extensive REG file to re-apply my favorite tweaks every time that happens.

    Thankfully 1909 will be more a service pack upgrade, so no Windows.old cleanup required.

    You mentioned 18 months, and 1903 came out recently in May 2019, so that explains a lot, but you might even gone through 1803 from April 2018.

    To remain secure you should always remain vigilant and patch, but at the same time a lot of "exploits" require physical access to the system.


      Hi folks - I have a few very senior engineer friends who work for Microsoft on the Windows Update team. Talked to them about the corruption issues here. Their main feedback is that every ISV/app should be receiving an end session command from Windows Update before the PC is rebooted. And it's the ISV responsibility to close file handles, shut itself down, etc...

      I agree - that seems logical to me. Can folks from HomeSeer comment on this? If necessary I can ping them for more technical information as to the specific command HS should be listening for.....

      On a separate note, the folks from Microsoft also heavily commented that using Windows Home SKU for the appliance means disabling WU and policy control is explicitly not supported. I also understand their arguments here. If I didn't have my system connected to MyHS I would care less since the box would be isolated from the external internet, but since I do, staying patched seems like a good idea.