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Master HS3Pro Slave HS3Pi - how?

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  • Master HS3Pro Slave HS3Pi - how?

    Does anybody know how to control HS3Pi from HS3Pro? I want to separate basic lighting (pass it to HS3Pi) and more heavyweight stuff (keep on HS3Pro), but need advice as to how to set it up to communicate to each other.

    Thank you!

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    There is no "easy" way as they are not meant for that. You could write scripts to pass the information/commands from one system to the other or you could write scripts to use MQTT to pass the information to a broker. There are ways to do this but none are "out of the box" nor easy.


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      I think Jon00 has (had) an unmanaged plugin for connecting HS3 or hs2 systems together. I’m pretty sure it worked between two HS3 systems. Not sure if he kept it up to date since it was meant to connect hs2/3 systems.

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        With the homeseer json api it can be done .But that could take. a long time to setup depending on you setup


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          In my experience, the amount of processing required by HomeSeer is fairly trivial (I have about 100 Z-Wave devices, Chromecast, thermostates, and others and it still uses only a few % of processor power on an old Windows 10 laptop). You might want to check your processor utilization and see if you "really" need to do this. Even if you could manage to get the inter-device communication worked out, you might be adding more processing requirements by splitting the system than if it were all kept on one. Plus the syncing of devices between units, as well as trying to write events that might require control of devices on two separate HomeSeer units would be a nightmare in my view. As a practical matter, though z-WAve and Homeseer do, in theory, support multiple controllers, the implementations are so poor and inconsistent as to make it unworkable.

          But if you do go ahead with this, I'm sure we'd all be interested in how it turned out and if there were anything significant that you gained by doing it that outweighed what I see as the many inconveniences.


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            You can use the mcsMQTT plugin to pass device information back and forth between two systems. I do this between two HS3Pro Linux systems at different locations. You will need to set up a MQTT broker somewhere (I have mosquitto running on one of the HS3Pro systems). I am not using it for light control, but as a test I set up a virtual device on system A that when turned on and off will turn a light device on and off in system B. It was a little tricky to set up, but this was done only with mcsMQTT configuration, no scripts required.