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1 Day Flash Poll - Which do you like better, 1 or 2

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    I agree that #2 is nicer for symmetry, but I prefer the smaller icon and font of #1. Feels less crowded into the space


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      Prefer #2 and would center light over the icon then enlarge the font of Second Floor | Master Besdroom and center on the | line over the icon also.
      it would make it read easier


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        2 is the better of these. However, both are clunky. 1 is technically flawed since half the elements are left justified, and others are centered. Both suffer from too much redundant control and information. Also, the icon visually is distractingly too narrow compared to the controls.

        I get that you are positioning already made icons/controls and some things are set already. If there were a way to change or combine things though then simplification would be a big benefit here.

        Getting rid of the controls and making the icon the toggle control with an appropriate slider near it would be simpler. If you wanted a wow cool new factor make the slider a ring around the icon or build the slider into the icon with a line with the dim level following the line as it is slid across the icon.

        Imagine pages of these and it quickly becomes obvious why simplification is key.

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          #2 critical data is easier to read.


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            Thanks everyone!
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