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    EDIT: Disregard, senility hitting way too early

    While I'm not entirely sure on the chicken and the egg debate, as of right now, I don't have permission to put a file in the Updates3/Zips folder. The permissions indicate "Only owner" can Change Content, and I can't change that (but I'm logged in as the owner). As the only file in there is the hs3.txt, I attempted to replicate the folders with singular file, but can't remove the original.

    I first noticed the problem prior to upgrading HS3 to .534, after a counter didn't work in a script loop (only change from previous run besides proper syntax was an attempt to have no Logs and confirm a Device was "offline").

    I've rebooted at least once upon any attempt, disabled a plugin that was broken in the process, uninstalled said plugin, and now am trying/hoping to get the plugin back in. Any simple thoughts or did I grandma this a little too much.

    Thanks, ~Dusty