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Re-build HS3 - Sorta'

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  • Re-build HS3 - Sorta'

    My HS3 system is starting to show some 'flakiness' - most appear to be random missing files. It seems to be confined to the HS3 directories and seems to be getting a bit worse. This morning the HS3 CSS directory was missing - really makes the webs look ugly! I restore and it seems good now, but... The drive diagnostics show no errors, but that's the chief suspect. It has been a long time since I re-built the system and given Windows propensity to get clogged up over time, I would like to rebuild the system and HS3, but obviously don't want to loose all the devices & events. I also don't want to recover the HS3 directory in it's entirety since that seems to be where the problems are. So here is my plan - and my question.
    1. Rebuild the OS and update to current - with new drive
    2. Re-install HS3/Pro
    3. Re-install all HSPIs
    4. Add a few add-ins (mostly Jon00s)
    5. Restore all scripts
    6. Restore local and modified config files
    7. Restore events and devices - this is my question - where are the files that I need to copy over? Can I safely bring the Data directory over in it's entirety? Is this approach even feasible? How much wine should I stock prior to starting? Sooo many questions.
    My environment:
    • HW: Intel i5 quad-core, 16GB
    • OS: Win10Pro
    • HS3 is primary app, a few other custom network monitoring apps (Python & C++)

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    Below are links to the backup and restore documentation. You will want to create the Z-Wave backup first, then the Config backup, which will store the Z-Wave backups within.


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      Thanks! I assume the various plugin data files will be rebuilt properly once the system is restarted?