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  • Feature for devices

    rjh .


    A user way to be able to set a textbox in a device. When something is entered it it from the devices page, then the string of this device will be changed.

    This could be useful for a lot of scenario.


    -By monitoring the device string, one can send a tts message easily that way. ( if the device string change, then send the string to a speak action ( with a replacement variable ) from this point i think you can infer the event logic.

    - Sending any string manually to mqtt.

    - sending any string to a tv etc.

    - send a string to Led sign.
    -sending a string that will be sent to an email

    -sending a string to a phone via pushover/iPhone(phlocation2)

    - sending command from text(string) to Homeseer via hsmobile ( all of the examples could work with hsmobile.. that's the point)