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  • Reset Z wave data

    Every once in a while the automation stops working. I usually think HS3 crashed, and a reboot of the Hometroller fixes the issue, but today I actually logged in and looked around and hs3 was running fine with zwave errors in the log. from past discussions on here I knew I could go to the plugins page and click on z-wave plugin and go to a page and hit "Reset Z wave Data, which I did and fixed the issue. So what does that do? Any ideas on why it's doing this in the first place?

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    Mousing over that button reveals a tooltip that states what it does: "delete the Z-Wave2.db file ... which will be rebuilt when the plugin is restarted".

    I've never had to do this, but it sounds like this database can become inconsistent in some cases and rebuilding it straightens things out. Apparently its not storing anything that can't be recreated.