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Controlling Multiple Devices at once

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  • Controlling Multiple Devices at once

    I would like to be able to control multiple devices at once. For example, I would like to turn off specific devices(lights, dimmers, fans & heaters, approx 10 devices) in the sunroom at midnight. So I would like to create a "group" called sunroom devices and trigger an event to turn off of devices, and should any of these devices turn on between midnight and 5am to turn them off.

    Putting in a bunch of "if or if" conditions for each devices and a bunch of then is somewhat of a tedious.

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    Take a look at the Easy Trigger plugin.


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      I think you can also do it with the SceneMaster plugin. And that includes dimming for devices like lights.

      The Closer.


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        I do something similar. I have a "scenes" event group which contains many manually triggered events. E.g. "sunroom bedtime mode", "sunroom breakfast mode". These events contains all of the device actions to turn on / off / dim for multiple devices.

        Then I have a sunroom event group which contains the conditions (if midnight ... If 5am ....) which then executes the appropriate scene group event.


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          drhtmal is right in regards to EasyTrigger. Specifically, look at ET dynamic groups and new ET event actions. In the actions, there is a special one that uses an expression to evaluate what to do. Very powerful combo.

          Here is a thead to explain,