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Hidden status indication on the "Home" Tab

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    Hidden status indication on the "Home" Tab

    I don't believe this is currently possible on HS3 v., but I was hoping this could eventually be added as a new feature.

    Please add the ability to see which devices have been hidden (Local & Mobile) to the device status on the "Home" tab.

    Currently the only way to see if a device is hidden on the "Home" tab, is to run the mobile app and see what shows up. Then go back to the PC's HS3 "Home" tab and locate that device, then select it to be hidden. Once hidden, there is no indication on the "Home" tab that that device has been hidden from either Local or Mobile view. This can be a real pain when you have several hundred devices that you want to be hidden.


    Good suggestion.

    Although HS personnel are active on the forum from time to time, the way to ensure they receive feature requests, bug reports and support questions is to contact them directly. or by phone.