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Alexa - Slow and Unreliable

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  • Alexa - Slow and Unreliable

    Why in 2019 is the HomeSeer Alexa skill so slow and sometimes unreliable?

    About 10% of the time, I get “sorry, lights is not responding.”

    Most of the time, it takes a long time to control devices.

    When I have Alexa directly control devices like tplink plugin modules, it’s almost instantaneous.

    When I control devices via homeseer Mobile, it’s instantaneous.

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    About 10% of the time, I get “sorry, lights is not responding.”
    Yeah, I'm seeing that too, maybe a bit more than 10%... And then to add insult to injury in about half of those cases, the lights come on!



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      From what I'm aware of there's some server and network upgrades being done on the back end of MyHS which is where all of the Alexa/Google/Mobile etc traffic flows. I'm sure some of the problems are caused by these upgrades. I'm hoping that those changes/upgrades will be completed soon and things will get better. In the meantime I suggest that anyone having problems reach out to and inform them of the issue. If people don't complain then there's no problem right?


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        We're finding the same. IFTTT and Alexa are SLOW as from Homeseer at the moment,

        Using WiFi (Tuya) based products like these it's near instant. Considering the price of Homeseer you would expect it to be fast


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          I’ve been having the same problem. If I restart HS3 then it’s fine.

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            First request ALWAYS fails for me, second works. Left long enough go back to state #1....