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Turning a scene "off"?

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    Turning a scene "off"?

    I've asked this before, but I think it got lost in the bushes....

    What does it mean to turn a scene "off"? Does it simply reverse the conditions of the devices involved in the scene? Like, anything turned on by the scene will turn off? That makes sense, but what if a light is at 20% and the scene "on" sets it to 80%? If you turn the scene "off", does it go back to 20%?

    I notice in the drop down box for a scene, there are several choices, on, off, brighten one step, dim one step, etc. And at the top is a blank. If I set a scene to blank, it doesn't show any status. Which actually makes more sense to me than "off". Most of my scenes are triggered by timed events, sunrise, sunset, happy hour, etc. So I've been having the events blank out the scenes that are not "active." This is different from "off", right? Am I missing something?

    Jim Speiser
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