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  • How Many Plug-ins

    Does the amount of plug-ins negatively effect the operation of Homeseer? I 'm aware different plugins require different resources. I have 18 Plug-Ins. Is that to many? my system runs fine. There are a few more I'm interested in but do not want to overload the system?

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    I have 25 active ones right now and there are others that are running much more. As you mentioned, the load each plugin adds is not the same, so hard to predict, but if it's currently running fine, then install the trial plugins and give it a go.
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      There's no "set number" for a limit. The limit is purely based on resource consumption of the plugins and what system resources you have. Most plugins consume more memory than CPU so just ensure you have enough memory to handle the number of plugins you load.


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        I like your idea to just simply try them as a trial and see how the system reacts. Thanks to you both