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Z-Wave Switch controlling Hue

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    Z-Wave Switch controlling Hue

    I have several HS-WD200+ HomeSeer Z-Wave switches controlling groups of lights for Hue. Using EasyTrigger, I create events to control on/off and dimming. The issue is the lag. If I don't put the 1-second delay to allow the person to settle (and stop changing it), it simply won't grab the latest value. Without the second delay, it grabs (I'm assuming) the value that occurred as soon as it detected the initial change, but doesn't read the value again.

    Is there a better way to handle this? If there is another switch that functions better for bright/dim controls, I'm open! I just thought the HomeSeer branded Z-Wave switches would offer more flexibility. It may just be in the way I've programmed this.

    q6 in this instance is the Z-Wave Switch WD200+
    H6 is the group.hue. Kitchen Recessed Hue bulbs.


    Click image for larger version

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    In my case I went a different direction for physical controlling Hue lamps. I went with a dumb switch and the Lutron Aurora controller. This provides the physical controls for on/off/dim/brighten which are extremely fast and native Hue configuration. The lamps themselves are still visible in HS through JowiHue for any automations directly against them.

    I find the general lag/response time of z-wave and event processing to be too much for interactive physical control for lighting use.