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Error - Unable to access SSL certificate

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  • Error - Unable to access SSL certificate

    I just upgraded from HS3 version version During HS3 startup, I started getting this error:

    Error~!~Unable to access SSL certificate file: The specified network password is not correct.

    I wasn't getting this error prior to

    I am able to access HS3 via http://<url>, HS3Touch, and HomeSeer Mobile. Can't use https though.

    Any tips?

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    Turns out that this problem was because HS3 overrode the C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\server.pfx that I had created in the past. The HS3 installer comes with its own server.pfx (dated 12/16/2017). I now remember having to worry about this in the past. I restored my server.pfx file from backup, and my problem is resolved.

    I wish HS3 install had some logic to not override the server.pfx file (for example, if the already installed server.pfx file has a newer timestamp than the server.pfx file that came with a new version of HS3, don't override the newer version.


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      randman does HS3 support pointing the configuration to use a server.pfx from a different location (or different filename)? That way on an update it can overwrite its own file, but wouldn't impact your setup then.