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Lock codes are now displayed in plain text in the Web UI...

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  • Lock codes are now displayed in plain text in the Web UI...

    I recently updated to (HS3 Pro) and just tried adding a new code to one of my locks.
    After being successfully added the code is now displayed in plain text: "<code> User: primary". In previous versions it was displayed as "XXXXX User: primary".

    This just feels so not secure. Can it be hidden somehow? I know I can add the code via the lock itself, but the UI is just so much more convenient.

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    I'm on 534, and now I'm not so sure I want to go with 548. This is something that really needs to be raised directly with HS Support.
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      It has nothing to do with the HS3 version. It's a change in the z-wave plugin and only affects entries made after the z-wave plugin were updated. See this thread for more info: Rich is aware (as it is by design), but if more people push for this to be modified, or at least allow the option, the more likely it is to be done. I would add comments to the other thread and also email

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