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error Cannot process event poll check

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  • error Cannot process event poll check


    My logs are full of the message below that come every second.

    In ProcessEventItem, Cannot process event poll check, there are no actions.

    I have disabled and web-enabled zwave, restarted the unit, and disabled the zwave plug in polling option. I suspect it may have something to do with the cold snap last night causing one or more battery powered devices in my garage or porch to flake out when their voltage dropped but I am otherwise at a loss.

    Edit: one of my zwave light switches on an exterior wall was clicking. I turned off the breaker, still got the log messages. I removed that node from homeseer, still get the error messages. Disabled very plug in, one at a time. Still get error messages. Did a total shutdown, even pulled the power cord for 10s before rebooting, still get the message. Updated every plugin that had one available, no change.


    Any ideas?

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    Just guessing from the wording of the error, but do you have any events that use the z-wave action "poll a node for status" and if so might it refer to a bad node or be otherwise corrupted?


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      I have some events that check for invalid status. I have disabled them all to no avail.

      Is there a way to turn all events on/off in one go? I have a couple dozen and turning them off one at a time is a slog and I would rather not do it twice.


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        I'm not aware of a way to turn them all off at once but could probably be done by script. I wouldn't be able to help with writing it. Maybe someone else will chime in but likely quicker to manually try it with only 2 dozen to do.


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          You were correct!

          I had an event "poll check" that I was testing some time ago and must have turned on by accident recently.

          Now I know what that log message means in case I do something foolish again.


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            Glad you got to the bottom of it.