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Aeotec Siren 6 - Still not supported?

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    Aeotec Siren 6 - Still not supported?

    So I paired this up to HS, and it still looks like it's not supported?

    Is there anything on the agenda to get this supported?

    Is there anyway we can get this supported?


      Originally posted by mik3y View Post
      Is there anyway we can get this supported?
      Not by asking here . Send an email to and let them know you have an issue with it. Out of curiosity, what does work and what does not? I use a Dome Siren, but had been looking at the Aeotec as well. The dome works great, but is battery powered.
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        I just bought a Siren 6 and am also having trouble getting it to work right. The device pairs fine, but I have no ability to change the volume or to change the tones associated with the various events. The pairing works fine, no errors at all. I only get 4 child devices, none of them are useful to configure the sound.

        Here's what it looks like:

        Click image for larger version

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        That menu for Sound Control opens up to this:

        Click image for larger version

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        Those volume options change the volume for test sounds, but as soon as I press the Button linked with it (generates one of the events and a doorbell sound) the volume is back up to deafening levels and I can't change it to any of the other 29 tones that should be offered.

        This generation of the device implements the Notification(Ver 8) and Sound Switch(Ver 1) command classes. My guess is that HS4 and the z-wave plugin don't know what to do about those.


          After I spent considerable amount of time on this device, wanted to write few comments here how I got it to work for my purpose (using it as siren, not with doorbell).

          Working configuration:
          - Z-wave (beta did NOT work)
          - include as non secure. After inclusion you should have 8 devices with drop down to control both volume and tone
          My use case:
          - Home made alarm system with both full alarm siren as well as 30 sek alarm warning signal


          There are 8 sound endpoints that can be configured separately. This happens with 4 byte signed decimal number, that needs to be compiled by concatenating 4 configuration bytes together according to the manual (light fx, intercept duration, interval between, tone play count). When you have compiled the 32bit number and converted to decimal, you can just send that as parameter.

          I configured:
          - endpoint 3 to act as full alarm: sent configuration value 2130706432 which means unlimited repeat, no interval between, no interception
          - endpoint 4 to act as 30 warning signal (same as above)
          - endpoint 7 to act as interrupter which I use to force stop any playback. Parameter value 2130771969 which represents 1 second playback, repeat set to 1 just in case

          Setting events to play and stop

          2x Play events (manually triggered) for endpoints 3 and 4 respectively
          - set volume of device/endpoint to desired
          - wait 1 sec
          - play endpoint

          Stop event (manually triggered)
          - set volume of device/endpoint7 to 10%
          - wait 1 sec
          - play endpoint/device 7 with some appropriate tone
          (I used this event to override playback with a short (1 sec) tone, as it was not possible to stop the playback by setting the device to mute for some reason)

          Note: I set with each event the volume before playing just in case. There is a 1 sec wait time that is probably unnecessary.
          Note2: I used endpoint 7 to do the force stop, as it seems to have higher priority (see manual) as other endpoints. Wanted to make sure that it would stop any other endpoint playing.
          Note3: there seems to be two separate versions of the configuration manual. This confused me a LOT. For me the correct one was the one where volume could not be configured by parameters.

          With this I'm happy and it works for my purpose.


            Nice work on figuring this out. I suggest sending to HST in hopes they would use the knowledge to add to HS4 so all can benefit without the pain you endured.

            ... I made a similar comment that disappeared. Censorship much?