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Deleting Phantom Node that has no "Full Name"

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    Deleting Phantom Node that has no "Full Name"

    Hello, Im new to the forum and am a bit of a novice in troubleshooting my Homeseer system. I run HS3 on a HomeTroller ZEE S2 ( - Linux). I'm trying to add a Z-Wave Schlage lock into my HS network and I got a message that it was added as node 11, which would not support full functionality. I then deleted it and looked at my node info. You'll notice that the nodes are not sequential and you'll also notice that Node 10 shows no Node Full Name. To delete a phantom node their must be a "Full Name" to click on in order to see the z-Wave tab and remove it. Without a name I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of it. Also, I'd like to make use of the nodes that are unused in the numerical node numbering sequence. I've seen most of the posts and some say to do a Z-Wave import, but I don't know how this is done. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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    This usually means that the HomeSeer device was deleted, but the node remains in the controller. Go to plug-ins>Z-Wave>Controller Management. Under actions chose “Import node info from controller and scan devices”. Thus should create a new HimeSeer Device for the node.

    This also looks to be a lock, which are a little finicky. It may not be awake to perform a rescan. Sometimes you might be better off excluding it and including it again, within a few feet of the controller. If you know what the device is, you should be able to exclude it without doing the import first.
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      Thanks! This worked and I was able to delete the node. I'm replacing a lock, both Schlage z-wave, but different versions of sw, so I'm removing all traces of Schlage and will do a fresh install on the new one. Appreciate the help!