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Alexa "announce" integration

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  • Alexa "announce" integration

    Ok, I have been working on this one for a while.
    i have LOTs of echo device all around the house for music so one is never far away. Perfect for hearing announcements.
    question is, how do I get Alexa to "hear" homeseer. She ignores the voice, or at-least always gets the timing wrong.

    what I want to do is "HS.speak 'Alexa announce,, there is someone at the door'"

    this speaks the desired phrase at my central PC where there is a echo Dot.

    the Echo should hear "Alexa announce ....." and then broadcast what follows the word/command "announce"

    Alexa hears her name, sometimes hears "announce" but then hears NOTHING.

    I have tried short pauses, long pauses, no pause, but it almost never gets the announcement, defiantly not repeatable...
    what am I missing??
    do I need to train Alexa for a new voice?

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    I tried a similar concept, using a Google Home as the announcer and a echo dot squeezed together in a small plastic case and while it kind of, sort of worked, it wasn't great and the sound quality was very poor, so I ended up going the NodeRed route:

    It's a bit of tinkering getting it up and running but it's been bullet-proof and it has a lot more abilities than just the announcement (adjusting volume, speak pattern, voices etc.)