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    HS3 Traccar Plugin


    I know some functionality exists between Traccar ( and PHLocation and also a script but I have decided to write a HS3 (most of it probably works in HS4 but there is no official support for it) plugin, this was mainly for my purposes but thought it might be of use to others. It only works with Traccar, it does not work with any other tracking solution however Traccar supports the majority of tracking devices and also has a mobile tracking client. I've used that client on Android and it seems to work fairly well but I doubt it as feature rich as some of them out there.

    The goal of the plugin was to read from Traccar and not do anything complex in HS - there really is no need as the UI and functions built into Traccar are much better than anything I could create in HS. Geofences and the like are therefore created in Traccar and read into HS, geofence events are raised in Traccar and then forwarded to HS for events to be triggered.

    You are responsible for running your Traccar server, I expect most people would run it on their HS PC and if so then that makes life easier. I personally do that and use a free DNS service to provide me a URL and then to receive data from both the tracker in my car (one of these and the mobile client. I've been running it for a few months now and seems to be OK.

    What you will need to do;

    1) If you have not yet done so then install Traccar
    2) Install this plugin (not sure if it will be going into the updater or not yet), extract the zip file into your HS directory
    3) Edit your traccar.xml file (I do it with the service stopped) and then add the following fields;

    <entry key='event.forward.enable'>true</entry>
    <entry key='event.forward.url'></entry>
    You will need to replace the IP address with that of your HS PC and also ensure there is a clear path (outgoing/incoming rules on firewalls) between the two so Traccar can talk to HS

    4) Restart the Traccar service
    5) Start the plugin, enter a username/password for Traccar in the settings page (I would use an admin user just to ensure there are no permissions issues) and it should then read in devices/geofences.


    i) Most of the work in HS will be done by devices that will change status (motion, speed, ignition, course etc) and you can trigger events from these devices

    ii) There is one trigger and that is when a device enters/exits a geofence - that seems to work fine for me, you will potentially need to reload devices/geofences in the settings page should you create a geofence after you have started the plugin

    iii) If you use passwords on your local LAN option in HS3 then I will need to provide some additional instructions to include a header in the traccar.xml file

    It has been tested by one kind user but interested if anyone else uses it whether it works and if so any suggestions...

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    been playing around with GPS Tracking, first with PH Location and now with AKTrackDown.. all roads lead back to TracCar..
    I am in process of installing the Server on my Linux Box ( running HS4 ) using the Digital Ocean Droplets
    Any advise you could offer would be greatly appreciated

    Happy New Year
    Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro 😎